You Can't Hide by Emily Shiner

I’m a fan of Emily Shiner’s books. You can check out my post in December for I’m Following You. Along with Zooloo’s Book Tours, I’d like to share with you Emily’s latest book, You Can’t Hide. If you are a fan of Teresa Driscoll, Freida McFadden, or Daniel Hurst you will be drawn to Emily Shiner’s books.

About the Book:

Beth thought she’d escaped her past. But all this time, it’s been waiting for her…

Beth and Ian are desperate to have a child. So much so that they decide to sell his family cabin in upstate New York to pay for IVF.

When they arrive at the cabin, they meet Ryan, the caretaker. But Ryan is not who he says he is… He’s here because he knows Beth has a dark secret. And now he intends to use it against her.

He threatens to tell Ian everything about Beth's past unless she does exactly what he says.

Beth finds herself caught in a nightmarish trap. If Ian discovers what she’s been hiding from him, she’s sure he’ll leave her. She’ll lose everything she cares about, including the chance to have a child of her own.

On the other hand, what Ryan wants her to do is so dark and twisted it’s beyond horrifying.

Either way, Beth is sure her life is over, she can see no way out. Unless…  Unless she digs deep and finds a part of herself that is willing to do something so awful it doesn’t even bear thinking about…



Emily Shiner has a way with writing that makes you not wanting to put the book down. This book is told from the POV of two woman but the timelines are different. One woman’s story is mainly over a weekend and the other woman’s is over many years. You know the POV must be connected but you don’t know how. That is what I love most about Shiner’s books. You never know what will happen. They are dark psychological thrillers that keep you reading until the very last page!


About the Author:

Emily Shiner always dreamed of becoming an author but first served her time as a banker and a teacher. After a lifetime of devouring stacks of thrillers, she decided to try her hand at writing them herself. Now she gets to live out her dream of writing novels and sharing her stories with people around the world. She lives in the Appalachian Mountains and loves hiking with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

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