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My Only Child by Sam Vickery

My Only Child by Sam Vickery is a story about a young family going through heartbreak. The family is pregnant with twins and are ecstatic. They keep the twins a secret, planning to surprise their extended family. Then Kathleen goes into labor early and during the delivery, one of the babies is lost. Also to save her life, the doctors must preform a hysterectomy. Kathleen struggles with her lost child and that they can't have any more children. This book will tug at your heartstrings. It reveals the difficult recovery after life changing events made worse by the fact that you cannot fully lean on anyone. Kathleen decides not to tell everyone about the lost twin and so cannot fully grieve. It is also a story of Kathleen's mother, Hazel. Hazel sees her daughter is struggling but cannot convince her to open up and ask for help. Hazel has her own past to struggle with also. The outcoming theme of this book is that it is ok to let people into your life and ask for help. I think we al

The Mirror Man by Jane Gilmartin

  Jeremiah is given the chance of a lifetime. For $10 million, he will leave his life for a year. A life where he is struggling to connect with his wife and son.  The best part is no one will know because a clone will be created to take his place. As part of the experiment, Jeremiah will watch his clone for four hours a day and let the researchers know if the clone does something out of character or if anyone suspects he is a clone. As the experiment continues, Jeremiah realizes how far the researchers will go to keep the experiment going, even if it means harming the people he loves. Jeremiah needs a way out and reclaim his life before it is gone forever. This intriguing book is called, The Mirror Man, and it will be published next week on 10 October. I was invited by the publisher to review book as part of the blog tour. At first, I was unsure as I normally do not read “sci-fi” books. I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone and read this book. I was hooked after the first chapte

Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger

  CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45, was just published this week on 6 October. It is the latest book by bestselling author Lisa Unger. When I was invited to be part of the blog tour, I was thrilled! Thank you to Park Row Books for the invitations and providing a e-copy of the book in exchange for my honest feedback. I have to say I loved the book! It has a lot of twists and keeps you guessing the entire book. The publisher provided book summary drew me in from the beginning. BOOK SUMMARY:  Be careful who you tell your darkest secrets... Selena Murphy is commuting home from her job in the city when the train stalls out on the tracks. She strikes up a conversation with a beautiful stranger in the next seat, and their connection is fast and easy. The woman introduces herself as Martha and confesses that she's been stuck in an affair with her boss. Selena, in turn, confesses that she suspects her husband is sleeping with the nanny. When the train arrives at Selena's station, the two