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This is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf

This is How I Lied  is Heather Gudenkauf's latest novel, out on May 12th. This book is about a twenty-five year old murder of a teenage girl, Eve. Her best friend, Maggie, and sister, Nola, found Eve in a cave and despite the efforts of the police, Eve's murder was never found. Now Maggie is a detective in the same town she grew up. New evidence is found in Eve's murder and despite being seven months pregnant, she volunteers to work Eve's case. She has been haunted by her best friends murder and wanted to solve the case. One of my favorite features about Gudenkauf's books is the setting. They are all set in small towns in Iowa and as a native Iowan, I love reading books set in the state. While the setting does not play a large part in the story, I still enjoy reading about Iowa. The story changes from the present to the past and gives a little more information about the crime each time. I really enjoy this type of writing because I try to solve the crime as I

The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill - BLOG Tour

Melissa Hill’s newest book, The Summer Villa, is out on April 28 th . While this is not her first book, it is the first book I’ve read of hers. When I was asked to participate in her BLOG tour, the book cover caught my eye. After reading the description, I knew it would be a book I would enjoy. It is a light hearted book, perfect to read while hunkering down at home because of COVID-19.   BOOK SUMMARY:  When a little white lie becomes the story of your life, what if the truth comes out? For three woman, it's a life-changing trip: one finds the man of her dreams, another discovers inspiration amidst Italian food and culture, while a chance encounter with a handsome local ushers in the ultimate life change for the third. But most importantly, it's the beginning of a deep and lasting friendship between all three. Now years later, Kim Weston - entrepreneur and owner of internationally successful Italian food and lifestyle business, The Sweet Life - has bought an

The Final Deception by Heather Graham - BLOG Tour

The fifth and final book in Heather Graham’s New York Confidential series, The Final Deception , was released earlier this week. I was thrilled when the publisher asked me to be part of the Blog tour. Heather Graham is a relatively new author to me, despite the fact that she has written over 200 books since 1982. Her latest book is available in stores and online now!   Book Summary Kieran and Craig are about to take on their most chilling case yet as they hunt for a deranged serial killer who has escaped from prison to satisfy his need to kill again. When criminal psychologist Kieran Finnegan was released from her responsibility of counseling the brutal serial killer known as The Fireman, once he was incarcerated, she was relieved to escape the tendrils of his twisted inner world. The chill she received from her sessions with him has stayed with her despite trying to leave him in the past. However, some demons refuse to remain behind bars. When her FBI agent boyfriend

The Truths I Never Told You by Kelly Rimmer - BLOG Tour

Kelly Rimmer’s fourth novel, The Truths I Never Told You, is being released next week on 14April. This novel is about a family who lost their mother when she was young and is now faced with moving their father, who has dementia, into a long term care facility. Now the siblings are faced with the difficult task of clearing their childhood home. Several secrets await them beginning with a locked attic door and its not a normal indoor lock. This is heavy duty lock meant to keep people out. Long hidden secrets are uncovered including that their mother may not have died in a car accident as the always believed. As is a constant theme in Rimmer’s novels the story intertwines family and tough decisions.  If you are looking for a lighthearted novel to escape the constant unknowns in the world today, this is not the book for that. It is a great book that will pull you in and make you wonder what you would do if you were in the same situation. I wanted to thank the author and publishe