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The Inheritance by JoAnn Ross

The Inheritance  will be published next week on September 7th. I was lucky enough to be invited on the blog tour for this book and receive an ARC from the publisher HQN books. This is my first book by JoAnn Ross and it was one I was excited to read. The story is about three women who discover they are sisters when their father, Jackson Swann dies from lung cancer. Jackson left his daughters inheritance in his will but the stipulation is they have to come to his vineyard in Oregon for the reading of the will. Despite the reluctance, all three sisters agree to go to Oregon and meet for the first time. The cover drew me into this book but to be honest, it took me quite a bit of the book to understand how the cover fit. The first half of the book is about the three sisters, their background, things they are dealing with in their lives, their relationship (or non relationship) with their father. Once the will is read and the sisters know what their inheritance is, the book changes to focus

The Secrets of Latimer House by Jules Wake

Good Morning! I'm very excited to bring you The Secrets of Latimer House , which publishes TODAY, August 30th. Hopefully you will see a lot about this book today as I am part of the blog tour hosted by Rachel's Random Resources. This WWII novel dives into the lives of three women brought to Latimer House to learn what German POW's know. They pass the information on to help the British war effort. While the story itself is fiction, Latimer House (located in the Buckinghamshire country side, about a hour away from London) did exist in WWII to interrogate German POW's. The three women, Evelyn, Betty, and Judith have very different backgrounds and different jobs at Latimer House. They are not allowed to talk about what they do despite working at the same place. The women form a friendship and slowly begin to trust each other and help each other when each needs it the most. While this is a story that happened in WWII, it is much more a story of friendships, love, and learnin

Where I Left Her by Amber Garza

  Where I Left Her is Amber Garza’s second novel following her debut novel, Wh en I Was You in August 2020. It has already received a stared review from Publishers Weekly . The book is about a mother, Whitney, who lets her daughter, Amelia, attend a sleepover despite her concerns about never meeting the other girls parents. The next morning Whitney arrives to pick up Amelia the couple who live at the house where she left her daughter the night before have no idea who she is. Whitney sets off on a frantic search and uncovers more secrets than she knew were possible. This thrilling book will be available in one week on August 24 th . As a special treat, I have an excerpt of first TWO chapters. Enjoy! 1 FRIDAY, 5:00 P.M. DROP-OFF   WHITNEY WANTED TO get rid of her daughter. How awful is that? Not forever, of course, but for the night. She was weary of the sixteen-year-old attitude. The rolling of eyes, stomping of feet, the judging glances and biting remarks. That’s why s

Stolen by Tess Stimson

What a busy week! I think this is my third post already this week! So many great books to read, so little time. You would think I made a dent in my TBR pile but it just keeps growing. I wanted to share with you  Stolen, which  is Tess Stimson’s 11 th novel. Tess is a new author to me discovered when Rachel’s Random Resources invited me to part of the blog tour for this amazing book. What caught my attention first was the cover. The story is set in Florida and the sky on the cover captures it perfectly! Alex is a hardworking human rights attorney from the UK. She goes to a very close friends’ wedding in Florida with her three year old daughter, Lottie. At the wedding reception Lottie goes missing, setting off a search. It quickly escalates when the US President talks about Lottie during a news conference. While Alex is desperate to find Lottie, she also questions herself how this could happen? I found this book very refreshing from a mother's POV. I am not a single mother but have

Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass

Such a Good Wife is Seraphina Nova Glass's newest novel out on August 10th in the US. This is her second novel, following the release of Someone's Listening  in July 2020. I think the author has a beautiful name, which caught my eye along with the cover. This novel is about Melanie and Collin Hale. They have a great marriage with two children, one who requires extra attention. Melanie is a stay at home mom to care for her son. When an opportunity to join a local writer's group comes up, Collin encourages Melanie (she wanted to write a book earlier in her life). In the bookstore where the writing group is held Melanie meets Luke, local romance writer and a relationship begins. Then Luke is found dead and Melanie is desperate to keep her affair a secret from her husband and not be accused of Luke's murder. Review Melanie is very relatable. She does not have a lot of friends, possibly because she's a stay at home mom, so when Collin encourages her to join the writing

I Let Her Go by J.A. Andrews

I Let Her Go is JA Andrews’ fourth novel out now in the UK. It is the story of Lucy and Amber, who are both teenage girls in foster care. Lucy and Amber bonded over the shared hate of their foster mother then Amber goes missing. Fast forward fifteen years and a body is found in the woods where Lucy and Amber used to go. Is it Amber? This story is told from multiple POV and timelines. The story will go from the present to the past in order to provide more context. What I liked best about this book was the surprises that keep coming. Lucy is close to marrying Josh, a foster boy who lived with Amber and Lucy for a short time. The missing body makes everyone question what happened to Amber and who did it to her. It also shows the relationship between Josh and Lucy, which is not the healthiest relationship. The story has a very unexpected ending for me. This is a darker story dealing with drugs, psychological control, and suicidal thoughts. These did not affect my reading but it is somet