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Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

This story spans several decades, starting in 1951 and going into the future to 2022. It follows two sisters, Jo and Bethie, as they grow up experiencing a multitude of events. While their journeys are different and the sisters don’t always get along, they are there for each other when it matters. I love Jennifer Weiner’s books and was thrilled to receive an advanced reading copy. This book is published on June 11th. This story discusses so many events in our history such as racism, sexuality, drugs, societal pressures for what a ‘normal’ woman should want, and many others. It does not take on any of these issues and try to tell you what is right. Rather it indicates how these issues were perceived at a time in history. It shows how the perceptions changed over time for some issues and remain the same for others. Jo and Bethie give insights into these times and express feelings many people faced. I think this is a book for everyone to read to help understand our past, especially as w

Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawer

Liza and Molly are childhood best friends that have drifted apart. Molly is married with a family living in Cincinnati and Liza is single and living in Chicago. After several “let’s get together” promises they finally schedule a video call to reconnect. During the call, Molly has to tend to her child and leaves the video connection open. After a short time Liza sees a masked man in dark clothes enter the house and in a panic for her friends safety calls the police. Molly does not react as expected for someone who has her house broken into and acts like it is not a big deal. Liza is worried about Molly and drives overnight to her in Cincinnati. Molly acts strange again and pushes Liza away. When Molly returns to Chicago, she finds her apartment has been destroyed in a fire and everyone on her floor did not survive. Left with little options, Liza moves to Cincinnati to stay with her brother and pregnant sister-in-law. As Liza struggles to put her life together, Molly is struggling as wel

Only Ever Her by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

Annie is preparing for her wedding which. will be the biggest social event of the year in her small town. On top of her wedding, her mother’s murderer is being released from prison, possibly wrongly accused by Annie herself. Annie was four when her mother was murdered and her testimony put this man in prison. Then four days before her wedding, Annie does not come home. As the town and her family and friends search for her secrets and past history come into play. It seems nothing is ever secret in a small town. This was my first book by this author and while I enjoyed it, the book was a little slow. I was very excited to read it and absolutely love the cover! Each chapter is told from a different characters view. I really enjoy books written this way as it helps me understand the characters more. Overall this is a good read but the story is a little slow. I would give this book 🌟🌟🌟