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The Peculiar Fate of Holly Banks by Julie Valerie

  Holly can’t catch a break. Since she moved to the Village of Prim, she’s had to keep up with everyone in town. She gets “Hello” notes on her mailbox when she breaks the HOA’s rules. Suddenly she and her dog, Struggle, are caught up in a town mystery that much be solved. This is second book in the Village of Prim series and I loved it as much as the first. Holly is caught up with town issues and keeping up with everyone. I liked this book because it focuses more on Holly and what she wants out of life. It’s a great light hearted read because of Holly attitude on everything. Sure a helicopter is parked on her lawn and she gets the dreaded “Hello” note but she takes it in stride and focuses on bigger things. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a light read and if you were a fan of the first book in the series. I can’t wait for the next book!!  Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book before it is published on 24November. This wo

The Last Story of Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim

  The Last Story of Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim is about a Korean mother and daughter living in America. Margot lives out of state and does not get to spend much time with her mother, Mina. When Mina does not answer phone after several attempts, Margot decides to visit her mother. She is shocked to find her mother dead in her apartment. As Margot works her way through her mothers things to take care of them, she finds many secrets, including a clue to who her father is. The story follows Mina’s point of view beginning when she came to America and Margot’s view after her mothers death. I love this type of writing because you uncover bits of the story at a time rather than all at once. Reading the story from different viewpoints lets you see a more complete story in my opinion. My favorite character was Mina. She showed so much strength to immigrate to America on her own and work to build her life here. When she unexpectedly becomes pregnant with Margot and becomes a single mother

Here to Stay by Adriana Herrera - BLOG tour

  Welcome to the BLOG tour for Adriana Herra’s book, Here to Stay. I wanted to thank Adriana and her publisher, Carina Press, for the opportunity to be a part of the tour. They graciously provided much of the information I’m going to share with you today. Adriana grew up in the Caribbean and has traveled around the work the past 15 years for her job. She loves happy endings, so all of her books have happy endings. She has won awards for books in her Dreamers series. When she’s not writing, she is a trauma therapist in New York City. I hope you enjoy this book when it is published on 25August! About Here to Stay Award-winning, highly-acclaimed author Adriana Herrera delivers the sexy, modern enemies- to-lovers romance you’ve been waiting for. Starting over is more about who you’re with than where you live… Julia del Mar Ortiz is not having the best year. She moved to Dallas with her boyfriend, who ended up ditching her and running back to New York after only a few weeks. Left with a m

Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks – BLOG Tour

I am so happy to be a part of Harlequin Trade Publishing’s Summer Reads Blog Tour. I will be highlighting Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks, which was released earlier this week. Not only does it have a beautiful cover, it has a great story! Daisy and Simon Barnes appears to have the perfect life. But life is never perfect. Daisy and Simon struggled for years to conceive their daughter. When she was born, they couldn’t have been happier. Buried secrets come to light when Simon wants to expand their happy family. As excited as I was to read the book, I wanted to find out more about this new author (to me). I hope you enjoy finding out more as well. Q&A Q: Please give an elevator pitch for Lies, Lies, Lies . A: Daisy and Simon’s marriage is great. Isn’t it? After years together, the arrival of longed-for daughter Millie sealed everything in place. A happy little family of three. But Simon drinks too much and one night at a party, things spiral horribly out of control. The conse

The Day Lincoln Lost by Charles Rosenberg – BLOG Tour

The Day Lincoln Lost is Charles Rosenberg’s latest novel published earlier this week on 4August. I have not read any of Charles Rosenberg’s other books but love a thriller. I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the blog tour for this book. I’ve said it before but it is worth saying again. In the midst of COVID-19, authors and readers have to be creative to connect with each other. In person events are not possible so virtual events such as author talks and blog posts are the best way to connect everyone. As I read Rosenberg’s bio it was interesting to find out he is a practicing lawyer and has consulted on many TV shows in addition to teaching and writing his books. I love historical fiction, so this title immediately caught my eye. What if Abraham Lincoln was not the 16 th President? How would our country be different? As I dug into the book, I became more and more interested. Review Lincoln finds himself the Republican nominee for President at a very contentious time in h

The First to Lie by Hank Phillippi Ryan

The First to Lie  is a spellbinding book about hidden identities and trying to find the truth. Pharminex creates a drug with the side effect of helping women get pregnant. The side effect of the side effect is that in some women it eliminates their ability to have children but this side effect is not shared with women taking the drug. The powerful family behind the company will do anything to keep this side effect quiet. A news reporter, Ellie, had found about the infertility side effect and to jump start her career at a new station, she runs with investigating the story. At the same time, women are being impacted by infertility due to this drug want revenge. The question is, who was the first to lie? I am a fan of Hank Phillippi Ryan since her book, The Murder List,  was published last year. I enjoy her writing style, which is to tell the story from different characters point of view. This book is set in Boston in the winter and it is told from the past and the present. I was caught u