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It had to be You by Beth Moran

I've enjoyed quite a few Beth Moran books. They are books that you read as an escape when you want to get lost in a heartwarming story. If you like Jill Mansell or Jenny Colgan, you may want to give Beth Moran's books a try if you have not already. Thank you Rachel's Random Resources for this tour and letting me share this book with you. About the Book: Growing up, sisters Libby and Nicky never knew who they’d find at breakfast. Their parents fostered children of all ages, and although the girls loved playing their part in providing a safe haven, it meant that life was rarely peaceful. Now as a single mother of two, Libby’s life is still anything but peaceful. In her work as an antenatal coach, as well as for the charity she and Nicky run for teenage mothers, Libby uses all the skills she learnt growing up surrounded by children. Her days are full, caring for her family, the mothers-to-be and the latest strays she has welcomed into her home. But in the dark of the lon

In the Hour of Crows by Dana Elmendorf

About the Book: An engrossing and atmospheric debut that follows young Weatherly Wilder as she uses her unique gift to solve her cousin’s mysterious murder and prove her own innocence, set in the beautiful wilds of Appalachia and imbued with magic realism. In a small town in rural Georgia, Appalachian roots and traditions still run deep. Folks paint their houses blue to keep the spirits way. Black ferns grow, it’s said, where death will follow. And Weatherly Wilder’s grandmother is a local Granny Witch, relied on for help delivering babies, making herbal remedies, tending to the sick—and sometimes serving up a fatal dose of revenge when she deems it worthy. Hyper-religious, she rules Weatherly with an iron fist; because Weatherly has a rare and covetable gift: she’s a Death Talker. Weatherly, when called upon, can talk the death out of the dying; only once, never twice. But in her short twenty years on this Earth this gift has taken a toll, rooting her to the small town that only w

One Deadly Eye by Randy Wayne White

Just published on June 4th, New York Times Bestselling author Randy Wayne White's newest book came out. In less than a week, more than 2500 people have purchased the book from Amazon and the average review rating is 4.8. I was drawn in by the cover and the great reviews made me add this new to me author to my TBR. Enjoy reading an excerpt and then run to your library, bookstore, wherever you find your books! About the book: After the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast in a century, Doc Ford must stop a gang of thieves—and worse—during the twelve hours of chaos that follow the passing of a storm’s eye. A Russian diplomat disappears while Doc is tagging great white sharks in South Africa, and members of a criminal brotherhood, Bratva, don’t think it’s a coincidence. They track the biologist to Dinkin’s Bay Marina on the west coast of Florida, where Brotherhood mercenaries have already deployed, prepared to pillage and kill in the wake of an approaching hurricane.

The Paris Widow by Kimberly Belle

Kimberly Belle is one of my favorite authors. Her thrillers keep you guessing and there is usually a dead or guilty boyfriend or husband. Her latest book comes out on June 11th and I'm so excited to share it with you. The publisher generously provided an excerpt that you can read before the book comes out this week. Be sure to see her on tour if she's coming near you! About the book: From USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Belle comes a deliciously twisty new thriller following a married couple vacationing in Paris whose trip takes a dark turn when the husband goes missing, dredging up secrets from both of their pasts, perfect for fans of THE PARIS APARTMENT. When Stella met Adam, she felt like she finally landed a nice, normal guy – a welcome change from her previous boyfriend and her precarious jetsetter lifestyle with him. She loves knowing she can always depend on Adam, which is why when he goes missing during a random explosion in Paris, she panics. Right after what