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My Name is Eva by Suzanne Goldeing

This is not the typical WWII story about what happens during the war. It tells Evelyn’s story about after the war. It is told from three main timelines, the present where Evelyn lives in a nursing home pretending she knows less than she does, the 1940’s after the war when Evelyn helped the survivors, and the 1980’s after Evelyn returns home. After the war was over things did not return to normal and Evelyn had to do unthinkable things to survive. Now she must find a way to keep her past a secret. It was very interesting to read about after WWII as many stories focus on during the war. I thought this was a good book but I struggled to get into the story at times. I almost gave up on the book but I’m glad I didn’t. I had to keep going to find out the secrets. I felt for Evelyn and her story and found myself laughing at her attempts to trick people into thinking she knew less than she did. It was not the book I was expecting but it was well worth a read.

The Girls of Pearl Harbor by Soraya M. Lane

Grace, Eva, Poppy, and Alice are nurses recently stationed at Pearl Harbor. They thought it would be a great time and felt lucky they were there. Then the shooting began and their lives changed forever. They were thrust into the war and the only choice was to survive. I have read many WWII stories and am very interested in this time in history. When I started reading the book it reminded me of the movie, Pearl Harbor, and I was a little disappointed because I had heard this story before. As I kept reading the nurse’s stories continue to the aftermath of the war. They are sent overseas while still dealing with the horror and immense loss of Pearl Harbor. I loved reading about the female view of WWII from the battlefield. I also loved reading about the characters as they grew both personally and in their jobs. I was fascinated by the book and highly recommend it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

29 Seconds by T.M. Logan

Sarah is a university professor and faces many of the worst trials women can face in the workplace. She is an excellent professor but unless she plays ‘nice’ with her male boss, her job is at risk. Her boss is known for sexual harassment and worse but is always protected by the university when a complaint is filed against him. On the way home Sarah does a heroic act and saves a little girls life. The girls father is so grateful he offers Sarah a deal that is good for 72 hours. All she has to do is provide a name and that person will disappear forever. What will Sarah do? How can she accept the offer but then again, as her boss makes her life and others lives worse each day, how can she not? How could she live with herself? This was a very intriguing story. It kept me interested throughout. I especially loved the ending. It was unexpected and I felt justice was truely served. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Winemakers Wife by Kristin Harmel

The story is set in Champagne, France during WWII and told from this time and current day, 2019. Similar to other stories set during this time period, it is about resisting the German Invasion and highlighting the heroic efforts normal people had to do to not only survive but try to stop the Germans. I love reading stories set during this time and this book did not disappoint. It focused on the owners of a champagne vineyard and is full of star crossed lovers, jealousy, determination, the effects of misinformation, redemption, and a bit of selfishness. Ines is the wife of a winemaker who feels she does not quite fit in. In my opinion she is a bit immature and this shows in some of her selfish actions. However I loved watching her develop and grow throughout the story. I cannot say too much about the story without giving away surprises but I was truly engrossed in this story. I stayed up way too late finishing the story because I had to know how it ended. I highly highly recommen

The Forever Gift by Brooke Harris

This story will tear at your heartstrings! 15 year old Kalya’s life is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with cancer. Her mam, Heather, puts her life on hold and moves in with her ex, Gavin, her wife, Charlotte and their four year old daughter, Molly. Everyone has to learn to work together to try to save Kayla’s life. This story was so full of emotion. Kayla is trying to be brave for her mam. Heather is dealing with the awkwardness of living with her ex and his family. Charlotte fights jealousy against Gavin’s attention to Heather and protecting her own daughter. There is a little romance sprinkled in with Jack, Kayla’s doctor. I could feel for every character and understand their point of view. I won’t spoil the ending but I’ll say everyone’s true character shines in the end. This is a very emotional read that I highly recommend! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

WOW!!! That’s all I can say about this book. I had expected it to be a typical murder mystery but it was anything but. Rowan answers an ad for a live in nanny in a remote area of Scotland. At first it sounds too good to be true. Very good salary, live in smart home, handsome handyman, and working with kids. Luckily she is not scared easily because the last few nannies did not stay long claiming the house was haunted. Rowan is so excited for the job she does not pay too much attention to the stories.  She arrives for work in her first day and finds out the parents are leaving the next day for one week and she is in charge of the kids. Not the ideal way to start your job, but she can handle it. Then she starts hearing noises and things go downhill from there. I had a very hard time putting down this book. It is written from Rowan’s view in letters to a new lawyer while she is in jail. She claims she did not murder the child. However the last section of the book was completely unexpecte

The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Lila Bennett is a defense lawyer who must defend her clients at all costs. But is this the best life she could have? The book takes a look at two alternative lives for Lila in the middle of her legal career. In one alternative, Lila is kidnapped and must face her past decisions, both good and bad in order to try to save her life. The other alternative lets Lila love her life but forces her to face the same past mistakes. When I first met Lila she was a driven lawyer determined to “win” at all costs even if the win let a guilty client go free. She is so focused on herself she does not see the impact she is making. She is having an affair with her boss, who is also her best friends husband. She ignores her husband who is struggling personally. After a “win” where a suspected murder goes free Lila begins to question is she really “won” or got a guilty man acquitted. This is where the alternative lives begin. I loved watching Lila change throughout the story and feel in love with one alt

The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Rachel is a law student interning for the summer for the DA’s office. Not a bad job except it puts her opposite her husband, who is also a lawyer. On top of this, Rachel’s boss wants to reopen a cold case Rachel is familiar with. Rachel used to work in a senators office and one of the staffers was murdered. There were many suspicions, was the senator guilty, his wife, or someone else? Rachel is pulled back into the case and old memories come up. When I heard about this book, I was very excited to read it. I was not disappointed. Throughout the entire book you learn little clues. Despite these clues I did not see the ending coming. I was shocked and I needed to reflect back on the book to see what clues I missed. I would highly recommend this book! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟