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The Serial Killer's Girl by Lynda Stacey

Imagine for a moment that your father was a serial killer. A famous serial killer that everyone knows. What would your life be like? The Serial Killer’s Girl is the story of a girl trying to overcome her family. When I saw this one available for tour from Rachel's Random Resources, I knew it was for me! Does a killer’s blood run in the family? Lexi Jakes thought she could run from her past. But when her biological mother is found dead, strangled with a red silk scarf and holding a chess piece, Lexi knows that her worst nightmare has come true. Because the murder has all the hallmarks of her own serial killer father, renown strangler Peter Graves. Now with her own precious daughter’s life in danger, Lexi will do anything to keep her child safe…she is her father’s daughter after all. Review: Nature vs. Nurture. The timeless question and subject of many studies. Lexi has a famous serial killer for a father. Did she inherit his killing traits? This blurb of this book caught my

The Secrets We Conceal - Interview with S.R. Fabrico

You may remember a blog post where I introduced you to The Secrets We Conceal . Now that you have had a chance to read this wonderful book, I wanted to interview the author to give you more insight into the book and her writing. Thank you to iReadBookTours for the chance to tour with this book again and share more information with the readers. Congratulations on your debut novel! How does it feel for your book to the out in the world? It feels surreal! I pretty much wake up every day and pinch myself to remind myself that it is reality and not a dream. It is overwhelming, gratifying, exciting, and terrifying all at the same time. What is your elevator pitch for this book to someone who is just learning about it? The book will make you cry, laugh and root for Laura as you walk with her on her journey to healing and love! Why did you want to write this book? How was it to write about child abuse and the lasting impact? I wanted to provide insight into the topic to help others

I Know What You’re Thinking by Phil Featherstone

Welcome to my stop on LoveBookTours stop for I know What You’re Thinking . Phill Featherstone is a new author to me and I’m so glad I got the chance to read his book. It is slightly outside of my normal genre but I found it to be a highly entertaining book. Review In a slightly futuristic world two friends, Beth and Cameron, have a connection most attribute to twins. They can feel what the other is thinking and when they are in danger. In the same world a company makes a lot of money by giving wealthy people new organs. When Cameron is snatched as an organ donor, Beth knows something is wrong and she needs to help Cameron. This YA book is very enjoyable and a quick read. I had a hard time putting it down so that may be why it was a quick read! I loved the aspect of the future world such as a card that you carried with all of your information, from health info to financial info and more. Very interesting idea. I could easily envision the plot happening in real life. There are many i

The Wrong Victim by Allison Brennan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Allison Brennan’s newest book. The Wrong Victim , is coming out in two days! This book is about the aftermath of a bomb explosion on a charter cruise. Was the boat the target or was someone on board the target and everyone else is collateral damage? The FBI have very little to investigate but they are determined to solve the case. Before you are able to buy the book I have a sneak peak into chapter one and a Q&A with Allison. Settle in because this is a long post but well worth the read! Thank you to the publisher for inviting me on this tour and providing the excerpt and Q&A. How do you decide where to base your story? The premise of the Quinn & Costa mobile response team series is that they are a well-trained group of FBI agents who travel to small, rural, and underserved communities — places where local police may not have the resources to handle a complex investigation such as a serial killer or, in the case of The Wro

Ten Thousand I Love Yous by Lisa Slabach

  Ten Thousand I Love Yous   by Lisa Slabach is a women's fiction book published earlier this year in February. I'm so pleased to be part of iRead Book Tours campaign for this book. Be sure to read the whole blog post as there is a giveaway opportunity at the end for a $50 Amazon gift card, signed copy of the this book and Degrees of Love . Hurry because the giveaway ends on April 29th. Book Blurb: In this humorously touching novel by the critically acclaimed author of Degrees of Love , a woman is blindsided when her high school sweetheart abandons her after eighteen years of marriage. At sixteen, Kimberly Kirby thought the only thing she needed to be perfectly happy was to spend the rest of her life with Jay Braxton. Twenty years later, she still believes it. As they proudly watch their daughter, Haley, graduate from high school, she imagines her life is as perfect as anyone could reasonably expect. Jay is a formidable attorney, she a freelance writer, and their love as str

The Perfect Holiday by T. J. Emerson

Welcome to my stop on Rachel’s Random Resources tour for T.J. Emerson’s newest book, The Perfect Holiday. One thing I love about being part of blog tours is finding new authors. This is T.J. Emerson’s second book and after reading The Perfect Holiday , I need to read her other book! I’ve found a new author for by TBR pile. Julian has had a hard life. His childhood was not ideal and he was driving the car that injured his wife and left her wheelchair bound. The accident was not his fault but he still felt guilty. After the death of his wife, Julian devotes himself to helping others carers. Fast forward and he is on holiday with his new wife, Olivia, when Gabriel appears. Gabriel is someone from Julian’s interesting past. The holiday seems perfect but many things are going on under the surface. The book is told by Juliann so you can’t tell what the other characters are thinking. This means many secrets are hidden. I read this book based on the beautiful cover and a brief book blurb so