The Neighbour’s Secret by Dan Clark

I've read Dan Clark's books before and knew I was in for a treat with his newest book. LoveBookTours is on tour with this book that will keep you guessing.

About the Book:


At first it was exciting to see the new neighbour move into the vacant apartment across the way... then it quickly changed.

Grace and Mike have lived in Church Place for almost four years. It's their home, they're settled and are extremely content.

When the new tenant asks for Grace's help during a time of need, she's happy to assist as it gives her an opportunity to learn more about the woman.

It isn't long until Grace and Mike discover who she really is.
Only now it may be too late...



How much can you trust your neighbors? Grace and her boyfriend Mike live in a small apartment complex where everyone knows each other. When a new neighbor moves in Grace does not trust the woman from the start.

This is the second book I’ve read by Dan Clark and I enjoy his writing style. He creates characters you can relate to and that you will love or hate. You may even feel sorry for some. This book is written in different timelines and you don’t know how they are connected at first. After I finished reading, I thought about the book for awhile and remembered things from early in the book and how they fit into the story. It is a great read!


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