Blood on the Tracks by Guy Hale

Along with Random Things Tours I have Guy Hale’s latest book and ten things to know about him. You may remember Guy Hale from his first book, Killing Me Softly, that was on tour a few months ago. The cover has a similar design that is eye-catching!

About the Book:

Blood on the Tracks is the second book in The Comeback Trail trilogy – book one, Killing Me Softly, introduced readers to washed-up singer-songwriter Jimmy Wayne, who earns his living playing covers to a limited and uninterested audience in a third-rate casino. One morning he awakens to find that everything has changed. Not only has he accidentally murdered his girlfriend, but he’s also written the best song he’s ever produced. Is it the act of killing that helps him create his finest work? Wrestling with his desire for success, his grasp of morality and haunted by his past mistakes, Jimmy starts searching for the most terrible people he has ever known.

Now Jimmy is headed for LA to make the new album that will hopefully make him a star. In a quiet, deserted canyon a few miles outside Blackjack lie the bodies of his victims who inspired each song – all his secrets are buried in that dry and arid ground. Can he leave his past behind or will the ghosts of his past come back to haunt him?


Guy Hale: - Ten Things About Me

1. I became a professional Golfer at 16. I narrowly missed my European tour card in 1976 which l took as natures way of telling me l wasn’t quite good enough. I preferred playing rugby and hockey so it was an easy choice to make. I went back to it in the mid-nineties and really enjoyed it for a few years before l decided l needed a proper job to provide for the family my wife and l were hoping for.

2. I love traveling by motorbike and have done major trips through France, Spain and Italy to name just three.

3. I love the theatre, especially Shakespeare. My lovely wife Lou shares this love and as we only live twenty minutes from the RSC in Stratford on Avon we tend to see every show, several times in some cases, each season.

4. I write songs and have two music labels which l run for fun, one in the US and one in the UK.

5. I do some work with local Charities aimed at youth homelessness. St Basil’s in Birmingham and Redditch Home Safe. It is not acceptable in a decent society to have people living on the streets.

6. I always planned to build my business up and then sell it so l could retire early and write. Lucky for me the plan worked out and l am now a full-time writer.

7. I love my son. He is 23 and my best mate. We have played in the same team at Rugby and Cricket. His love and friendship mean the world to me. Of all the things l have done in my life meeting his mother, the lovely Lou, and being blessed with Fraser is number one. No question.

8. I train a lot and try to ride my pushbikes three to four times per week. Nothing clears the mind to write like three hours cycling through the lovely Worcestershire countryside.

9. My most treasured possessions are my friendships. You count your wealth in the friends you have made and the experiences you have shared.

10. I’m a total optimist. My glass is always half full and l never get down. If there is a problem l try to use the difficulty it creates to make it better.


About the Author:

Guy Hale lives in rural Worcestershire with his wife and son. He spent his early life avoiding serious employment as a professional golfer. He then spent several years trying to end it by racing motorcycles. Having failed, he then concentrated on business, which proved to be a safer and more suitable destination for his talents. He sold up and retired in 2018, and then started a record label in Texas. This led him to becoming a song writer, and novels became a natural progression. He confesses to having a low boredom threshold.


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