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All We Left Behind by Danielle Graham

True love can last through anything. Or can it? Chi and Hayden fall in love at the same time WWII is happening. They live in Canada and their relationship is looked down upon because Chi is Japanese American. Even though she was born in Canada, her family is forced to leave and live in a specified are by the government. Hayden and Chi are determined to make their love last and promise to find each other when Chi can return. Hayden enlisted to help being the war to an end sooner. After everything is over, can Chi and Hayden find each other? The story is told mainly via Chi’s diary written before she is forced to leave and Hayden’s letters/diary during his service. At first this is confusing because I could did not realize this at first and the years are different. Once I realized it the book made more sense. I really loved the relationship between Chi and Hayden. It is a reflection of true love. Everything they do is meant to bring them together. Hayden even hears Chi’s voice in his hea

The Nature of Fragile Things by Susan Meissner

It is is 1906, and a big earthquake hit San Francisco. Sophie and her little girl Kat, leave their house in search of safety. Sophie has only been in San Francisco a little over a year after answering a mail-order bride ad from Martin Hocking. Martin has recently lost his wife and is searching for someone to help care for his daughter, Kat. Sophie does not know much about Martin as he travels a lot but she quickly grew to love Kat. What she does not know about Martin will soon turn her life upside down as well as the lives of two other women. The book opens with a detective interviewing Sophie about the disappearance of Martin. It quickly goes to the story and Sophie's journey from the east coast to San Francisco to become Martin's wife. At first, Sophie's life is normal with the exception of her husband away on business trips frequently. The day before the earthquake a woman appears at Sophie and Martin's house asking for Martin. This is when Martin's secrets start

The Perfect Daughter by DJ. Palmer

Your daughter is accused of a horrific murder but you are determined she did not do it. This is what faces Grace and her daughter Penny. As with all of DJ. Palmer's books, mental health is central to the plot. Penny has multiple personalities and Eve is the most destructive. Mental health stories can be a trigger so be aware before you read Palmer's books. I have read all of his books and loved this one as much as his others. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this book well in advance of its publication and provide my honest feedback. Eve/Penny/others are very interesting part of the book and is essential to the story. As we learn more about Penny and her past, you understand her more. Grace has faith in her daughter and is not willing to accept her daughter committed the crime. The ending of this book is truly shocking and I did not see it coming. I loved this book and read it in two days!. This amazing book will be published in April 2021 and its a must add to yo

The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate

  The Last to See Her , by Courtney Evan Tate is coming next week on 15December. It is a thrilling book about Genevieve and her sister Meg. Meg convinces Genevieve to go with her to a convention she has in New York City. It’s meant to be a bonding time for the sisters and to help Genevieve celebrate divorcing her cheating husband. On their first night in New York City, Genevieve goes missing and Meg quickly becomes the top suspect as she was the last to see Genevieve. Where is Genevieve and will they find her in time?   This was my first book by Courtney Evan Tate, despite that she has written Such Dark Things and I’ll be Watching You . I will definitely be checking out these books after reading The Last to See Her . It’s a plot twist filled book that will keep you guessing. I was thrilled to be asked by the author to be a part of the blog tour for this book. Please enjoy the first chapter of this book as a taste of what’s to come!   Excerpt Genevieve tipped the courier and