The Widow by Valerie Keogh

I’m on tour today with Rachel’s Random Resources with The Widow. I’ve read the authors books before so I knew I was in for a treat.

Grieving or guilty?

When Allison’s wealthy and charming husband Peter is found dead, she appears distraught, devastated….delighted?

Because despite an apparently picture-perfect marriage, Allison knows it was all built on a bed of lies.

And as the truth regarding Peter’s life and death are revealed, Alison must try to keep her own dark past buried.

Because if Peter was keeping secrets, then his widow is too…


I love these type of thriller/suspense books. They keep you guessing and so many twists and turns you can get dizzy!! I stopped trying to guess the ending early on in the book and just enjoyed the read. Allison wants to marry for money and not for love. Sometimes this means she has to change herself to make her more appealing, which she doesn’t mind doing because it will be a short term change. She does not expect the marriage to last long. 

There are a few main stories within this book and they are tied together very well. This is a quick read and I’m glad because I didn’t want to put it down. There is a lot going on in this book and it makes an enjoyable read.

Author Bio:

Valerie Keogh is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and crime series, most recently published by Bloodhound. She originally comes from Dublin but now lives in Wiltshire and worked as a nurse for many years. Her first thriller for Boldwood was published in August 2022.

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