Are You A Pineapple by Kathryn A. Zolman

I’m on tour today with iReadBookTours with a delightful children’s book! This post is packed with a review, an interview with the author, and a giveaway!

An amazingly cute book about a boy trying to name his new puppy. He wants to find the perfect name but nothing seems to fit. The target audience is ages 3-7 and I think it’s perfect. The book is easy to read to a child or with them. The pictures are very well drawn and fit the story perfectly. Enjoy reading!!

Author Interview:

Q: What made you write a book about Pineapple?

A: When I heard the story from Kevin, Pineapple’s owner, about how he came up with her name, I fell in love with the tale! I loved everything about it! I could visualize the story in my head and thought it would be such a fun book for parents to read to their children. That it’s based on a true story, makes it even more special!

Q: Have you always wanted to write a children’s book?

A: When my daughter was young and I used to read to her every night, I did think it would be fun to write a children's book. However, coming up with a topic that was unique or that I thought kids and parents would enjoy was difficult. As my daughter grew up, I forgot about idea. Until I met and fell in love with Pineapple!

Q: Did you surprise your family and friends by writing a book?

A: Surprised is an understatement! I didn’t tell anyone about my idea, just in case a publisher didn’t show interest in it. I didn’t want to have extra feelings invested into it if it didn’t go anywhere. Once Mascot Books reached out to me, I told my husband and daughter, and they were both shocked and so proud of me! My family and friends have been extremely supportive- they’re my cheerleaders!

Q: Your Bio mentions that you’re an avid dog lover. Do you currently have a family pet?

A: Yes! We currently have a one (1) year old Doberman Pinscher. This is the fourth Doberman Pinscher that we’ve owned over the years. His name is Kona, and he is quite a handful right now! I love how each dog has their own unique personality.

Q: What advice would you give budding writers?

A: My main advice would be to not give up! If you have a great idea for a book and can visualize the pages before writing it, give it a try! Do some research on typing manuscripts and finding the right publisher, but anything is possible!

Q: What is your next project?

A: I’m being urged to write a second Pineapple book. Some people say it should be a book series. Pineapple was extremely smart and very adventurous, so the content practically writes itself, but I just don’t know if I’m up for the challenge. At the moment, I don’t have any plans to write another book.

Meet the Author:

Kathryn A. Zolman never expected to write a children’s book, but when Pineapple came into her life and she heard the story of how this sweet, smart dog got her name, she thought it would make a fun book for parents to read to their children. Pineapple is a Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, Chow mix, and much like a real pineapple, she knows how to stand tall and is very sweet on the inside!

Kathryn is an avid dog lover. Along with her husband and daughter, they have raised three Doberman Pinschers, each with their own unique personality and character. Kathryn is an advocate for not only raising children to respect all animals, but also to be thankful for the pure joy that they bring to our lives. In writing this book, Kathryn seeks to spread a positive message and hopes it will help children express more gratitude in their lives.

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