Squirrels in Antarctica by Sari Karplus

An amazing cute children's book in in store for you today with my stop in iRead Book Tours! This book is ideal for ages 3-7 and older kids will enjoy as well using their imaginations with this book. I hope you enjoy!

Book Description:

This fantastical book of animals in unusual places will tickle your brain, leading readers of all ages imagining their own silly combos. You'll see a skiing seal in Switzerland, a pufferfish piloting an airplane, a sloth who runs a marathon (but isn't ever done), and so much more! With fun illustrations and an educational twist, this book encourages readers to embrace their limitless imagination, explore the world, and experience animals big and small in their not-so-natural habitats. Perfect for bedtime reading or as a classroom favorite, Squirrels in Antarctica sparks boundless imagination. So, come along on this epic journey and "Let your thoughts fly limitless like snails on shooting stars." Is it a book? Is it a word game? Can it be both?!

This book will have your little one laughing with you! It places animals in unique places doing unique things that this animal would not normally do. I can hear children laughing as they imagine an inchworm riding a bike! The winner of the Mom's Choice Award, this book is perfect for young imaginations. The books also challenges you at the end of the book to come up with some unique animal settings on your own. This would be a great book to read on a trip and you can imagine the animals to help your trip go faster. The book is perfect for young readers to read on their own with simple sentences and rhyming words. A perfectly delightful book!

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Meet the Author:

Sari Karplus got her storytelling start as a comedian and filmmaker in Los Angeles. But when an improvised bedtime story to her three young children inspired her first kids' book, she officially joined the ranks of the book writing world. Sari loves to create stories with fun journeys and teachable moments... with a healthy side of humor. Sari has written all 3 books of the Robotastic! series. "Sari" rhymes with "Mary." Sari loves rhyming.

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  1. Thank you for including "Squirrels in Antarctica" on your blog!

    That's such a fun idea to bring this book and play on roads trip. With spring and summer break descending upon families with young kids, we parents need all the activities we can muster. :)

  2. This book cover and title makes me want to laugh.


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