The Girl She Left Behind by Jo Bartlett

I'm thrilled to bring you Jo Bartlett's newest book as part of a virtual book tour with Rachel's Random Resources. Just published on July 31st by Boldwood Books, The Girl She Left Behind will keep your turning the pages.

About the Book:

Brand new from best-selling author Jo Bartlett, an emotional and uplifting read, guaranteed to break your heart and put it back together again.

A family in turmoil...

Phoebe Spencer left home a long time ago, desperate to get away from her mother's emotional manipulation. She knows her life is better away from her family, but she can’t help feeling she’s simply running away from her problems…

Then Phoebe hears that her younger sister Lucy has disappeared, leaving behind her four-year old daughter, Darcy. Phoebe's certain Lucy will be back soon - she'd never leave Darcy alone - and then Phoebe can get on with her life again.

But as the days pass there's still no sign of Lucy, and everyone begins to fear the worst. Phoebe has to consider the terrible truth that Lucy might never come home. And as their mother makes it clear she wants to take control of Darcy’s life, Phoebe must do all she can to protect the girl her sister left behind – no matter the cost to her.



TW: suicide and parental abuse

When Lucy goes missing her sister Phoebe returns to her hometown to take care of Lucy’s daughter. In a note Lucy left she made it clear her daughter was to have nothing to do with her mother. Reading this story tugs at your heart. The idea that these things can happen is heartbreaking. I thought the author did a wonderful job with this story and it’s a book I’ll be thinking about for awhile. If you enjoy family dramas and characters that thrive despite their circumstances this is a book you want to read.


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About the Author:

Jo Bartlett was born a stone’s throw from the English Channel and still lives near the sea in Kent, with her family, so close to the South Eastern edge of England that they're very nearly French. It's probably why so many of her books are set near the sea too. Jo has made up stories for as long as she can remember, but never really took it any further, until a catalyst called cancer gave her the impetus to follow her dreams.

Since having her debut novel published in 2015, Jo has seen her books sold in stores all over the country, had numerous bestsellers in the UK, Australia and Canada, including a UK Top 10. Jo writes contemporary women’s fiction, with stories that focus on love, friendship, family and community. Since joining Boldwood Books in 2021, Jo has had a further eight bestselling novels in The Cornish Midwife series. With over 500,000 sales of her Boldwood novels, and a further 500,000 thousands sales through other publishers, in 2023 Jo celebrated one million sales worldwide and, after twenty-five years in teaching, now writes full time.

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