The Black Leopard's Kiss & The Writer Remembers by Laury A. Egan

Thank you to iRead Books Tours for putting on this virtual book tour. The book I have to share with you today is a little out of my normal genre it looked good so I wanted to give it a read.

“A fast slide and a wild ride, dizzying and amazing!”
—Beverly Harris, author of “The Two-Dollar Fortune”

"Characters “peel off layer after layer of age and the fa├žades accrued in a lifetime until emotional truths are revealed—a Russian doll effect. Novellas that felt like falling into a rabbit hole, where the rules of my world no longer applied and were being changed as I went along….with the characters turning into their own creators. A work infused with the possibility of disaster and violence, a sense of foreboding permeates the pages.”—Dr. Helga Schier, former executive editor, Random House

“A winning combination of genius. Complimenting each other beautifully, using elegant and poetic prose, these clever novellas explore the life of Sidonie Ross in an autobiographical style with a twist. Intriguing throughout, the possibilities about what is transpiring are only as limited as your imagination allows. Sidonie's story is emotionally complex, with mystery and fantasy elements that elevated it into a wonderful exploration of the mind and memory.”—Carol Archer Hutchinson, LESBIreviewed

“…so much to admire in [these] brilliantly interlinked novellas: their elegance and wit, the sophistication of the narrative style, the assured and prolonged focus on scene, with all its pure and revealing gestures and withholdings, and the weaving in of larger thematic questions about the interpenetration of literature and life, questions which are themselves mirrored beautifully by the fluidity of gender and sexuality, youth and age.”--M. Allen Cunningham, author of "Perpetua’s Kin"
Book Description:

Featuring magical realism and "Orlando"-esque touches, the two linked novellas plunge the reader into the slippery world of an aging writer as she delves into her half-remembered childhood and re-experiences volatile relationships. The swirling structure, with its interwoven narratives and warping time periods, deals with the treacherous nature of memory and how an author, Sidonie Ross, returns to the past in order to illuminate and understand it; how unhealed wounds from childhood re-surface in adult consciousness like emotional thorns, especially those relating to shame, guilt, disappointment, betrayal, and rejection. 

This book is a magical realism book, which I wasn't really sure what that was. Essentially it is introducing a little magic into the real world, an idea that I love. The two novella are fun to read and I love the idea that an author can become her story. The novellas are very well written and I'm glad I stepped out of my normal genres to read this book.

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Meet the Author:

Laury A. Egan is the author of twelve novels: "The Psychologist’s Shadow;" "The Firefly;" "Once, Upon an Island;" "Wave in D Minor;" "Turnabout;" "Doublecrossed;" "The Swimmer;" "The Ungodly Hour;" "A Bittersweet Tale;" "Fabulous! An Opera Buffa;" "The Outcast Oracle;" and "Jenny Kidd;" and a collection, "Fog and Other Stories." Four limited-edition poetry volumes have been published: "Snow, Shadows, a Stranger;" "Beneath the Lion’s Paw;" "The Sea & Beyond"; and "Presence & Absence." Eighty-five of her stories and poems have appeared in literary journals and anthologies. Her fiction ranges from literary to psychological suspense, coming-of-age, comedy, and YA.

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