Guess How Marion Feels by Miss Kaye

Thank you to The Children's Book Review for the chance to be on tour with this wonderful book! I have an exclusive interview with the author to share with you today along with a giveaway chance! I hope you enjoy!

About the Book:

Marion is a kind, creative, and easy kid… but he’s faced with BIG emotions. Help Marion identify those BIG feelings in this interactive children’s picture book.

Guess How Marion Feels is a transformative experience that lays the foundation for emotional intelligence and meaningful connections. A gentle Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool to guide parents, caregivers, and teachers to teach kids who struggle to pick up social cues and have challenges in social situations.

This book is made to celebrate and honor the feelings of our little ones, foster open communication, and create inclusive learning with our neurodivergent kids. Written by a neurodivergent author, Miss Kaye aims to support kids and everyone struggling with social interactions


Interview with the author:

Q. Congratulations on your debut book! What does it feel like to have your book out in the world?

A. I’m just grateful for everything. Just creating the book is a surprise for me. More so, the launching of my book! It feels good to see it out there.


Q. Tell us about your background and what inspired you to write Guess How Marion feels.

A. In the midst of taking a meditation course, I came across the idea of healing my inner child (social cues struggle) by writing a children’s book for kids to be guided at an early age in regulating their emotions.

I decided to bring it to life, and then, like a ripple in the water… the doors began to open one by one, like meeting aspiring authors, experts in the field, bestseller authors, and more! The journey is a roller coaster but worth it.


Q. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

A. Guess How Marion Feels is more than just a self-help book on identifying and recognizing emotions. It is a book to open adults’ eyes to the fact that emotional intelligence is a journey for both parents and kids to learn progressively.


Q. Do you have other books planned?

A. I would love to see Marion, an easy-going toddler, thrive in a world where loud people are seen and heard better. How can we prepare kids with this temperament that could prevent them from being bullied?


Q. What is your writing process?

A. I just go with the flow (with a deadline, of course, to ring the fence). Some days, I would hit the park. Some days, I would long for a quiet place like a library. The benchtop in the kitchen, along with a hot cuppa, would be a good spot, too. It really depends.


Q. What is your favorite activity to do besides writing and reading?

A. I love the feeling of connecting with nature. It pours my heart with positivity and expands the love I feel within.


Q. What other books or resources would you recommend for helping kids or anyone who finds social interactions challenging?

I recommend New Zealand’s #1 best seller, How Do I Feel, by Rebekah Lipp and Craig Phillips. It is the in-depth version of emotions tailored for much older kids.


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Guess How Marion Feels: Book Giveaway


Miss Kaye was born in the Philippines. She had challenges as an adult neurodivergent. This serves as her inspiration for writing fun, engaging, and educational stories to teach life skills and mindfulness to kids.



Miss Waitthk is from Hongkong. She enjoys making people feel happy and joyful through her drawings. As a kid, she remembered drawing anime characters and coloring them with colored pencils. Since then, she kept on drawing.


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