Surfacing by Tiffany Manchester

I’m on tour with Love Book Tours for Surfacing by Tiffany Manchester. This is a book for fans of Eat, Pray, Love. This book was published in mid 2022 and has 5 star reviews on Amazon.

About the Book:

What would you do if your dream life turned into a nightmare?

Zoe Smith is flailing in her career as a professional surfer on the WSL (World Surf League)… as well as in her relationship with Derek. She doesn't like the person she's become and needs to make a change. But what?

Stuck in a funk, she heads home to Australia at the end of the competitive season, uncertain of her future. Will the end of her relationship also signify the end of her career?

Determined to get to the root cause of her drama she realizes it's time to face her 'self' and make some difficult decisions. With the help of a best friend, a boy crush, a strange encounter with an angel, and some much-needed soul-searching, she finds herself on a magical journey out of the darkness and into the light… in surfing and in life.


 This book speaks directly to you. I mean it is written in a way that you feel Zoe is talking to you. I enjoyed this style of writing. I also enjoyed all the lingo either surfing or Aussie and also how Zoe and her best friend communicated. It made you feel involved in the story. 

What I loved about this book is while it is a fiction story, it is also a self help book in a way. Zoe feels lost in life and is not sure where to go. She finds a spirit leader that appears to her and helps point her in the right direction. Or I should say helps Zoe find her own direction. It is an engaging read and you can focus on the fiction story or try to implement some of the spirit leader ideas. I highly enjoyed this book!

About the Author:

Tiffany writes novels inspired by adventure, sport, and spirituality. The protagonists are resilient, free-spirited young women in their 20s on quests for truth and freedom and give a fresh and funny look at unconventional lifestyles.

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