Space Baby by Jay Dee

Space Baby is a wonderful children’s book about how big love is. I’m happy to be on tour with The Children’s Book Review. It was published earlier this month and is a wonderful book for children under the age of 7. We have a giveaway opportunity for you as well at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

About the Book:

When Angelic hears that Daddy spread his love for her around the whole universe, she worries she hasn’t done the same for her baby brother. Only one thing to do! Brother and sister rocket into the night sky to explore the universe in search of the most awesome thing there. “Space Baby Salute!”


If your little one loves space, this is the perfect book for them. They will go on an adventure around the Milky Way Galaxy with Angelic and her brother Ollie finding their fathers love and spreading love of their own. The illustrations are colorful and fun. They help tell the story through Angelic and Ollie’s expressions. As you are reading, you can ask your little one how the characters are feeling based on their expressions.

This is a book about how big love is and it is so important for children to feel love. Even if your little one is not interested in space, the story will resonate with them. The illustrations will capture their attention and help you tell a wonderful story!

About the Author:

Under multiple pen names, Jay Dee is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author behind chart-topping comics, fiction novels, and business books, including THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and GROW THROUGH IT, which was written, illustrated, and published during the CV-19 lockdown with proceeds donated to coronavirus relief efforts. PASS THE PIG: LEADERSHIP BY ATTRACTION was his first non-fiction book, and he made his fiction debut with the multimedia sci-fi/fantasy THE PLAGUE and EZEKIAL, followed by RENEGAYD, all of which became bestsellers.

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About the Illustrator:

Tom McGrath is based in the North West of England, working as a freelance illustrator since 2012. Despite being repeatedly told that all artists drink too much absinthe, cut their own ears off, and only make money after they’re dead – he has always wanted to be one. In fact, this has only encouraged him. He still has both his ears.

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Space Baby Book Giveaway

A signed copy of Space Baby and  A $250 donation made in your name to The Planetary Society and its mission to increase discoveries in our Solar System.

Nine (9) winners receive a signed copy of Space Baby.


  1. I'd love to win this for my youngest grandchild. She loves books.


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