Blooming Rose Blasts Off! by Lauren Piland

Look at this beautiful pink and purple cover for Blooming Rose Blasts Off! This childrens book is ideal for ages 3-7 years old. It recently published on January 10th so this may be a new book to you and it is one you will want to read with your little one!

About the book:

Rose loves to write, draw, and play―but what happens when she has to face a project she’s never done before?! With encouragement from her best friend, Brady, and some brainstorming with Dad, does Rose’s rocket launcher project turn out to be less than stellar or out of this world?!

Author Interview:

What was your inspiration for writing Blooming Rose?

I first came up with the concept of the Blooming Rose series when I left teaching in 2017. After four short years, I was burned out and exhausted, yet wanted a way to still contribute to helping and supporting both my students and fellow teachers. I feel strongly that using books about social and emotional support and situations can aid kids at home or in the classroom. If students can relate to characters and situations, then teachers and parents can build relationships to help nurture a more caring, accepting and trusting atmosphere.

Why do you feel it is important to instill positive thinking?

The real world is a tough place sometimes, and we can’t always shelter our children from complex feelings or rough situations, nor should we. When we can help children identify their feelings, relate them to their root causes, make them feel normal for feeling adverse emotions, and support them in navigating these experiences, they are able to think positively and less fearfully about future. And every child deserves the hope and affirmation of a bright future. 

Did you always like to write and want to be a writer?

Yes, I've always liked to write, and it has always been my preferred means of communication, but I actually never envisioned myself becoming an author, much less a children’s author! It wasn’t until I became a teacher that I started realizing the importance and magic that comes from storytelling.

How did you choose a publishing route?

Routes to publication can be overwhelming to new authors like myself, but my first word of advice is always do your research! See what other authors are doing, and WHY. I knew I didn’t want to hand over rights and reins to my work to a more traditional publisher and doing everything solo for the first time seemed daunting, so I landed at the happy medium of hybrid publishing. I’ve loved working with Mascot Books and asked for valuable insights from other Mascot authors before crunching numbers and signing anything. I chronicle this process in greater detail in our Blooming Journey vlog series on our YouTube channel for anyone’s who’s interested.

What is your favorite snack or beverage when writing/working?

I usually like to sit down and work or write in the mornings once I get my kids off to school, so that means a latte or mocha is in order, and usually iced since I’m in south Texas! 


This inspiring book will help your little one understand that anything is possible if they try. The author includes a message at the beginning and end of the book emphasizing this point. The story is easy to read and understand for your little one with pictures that bring the story to life. The book also has activities for teachers to take the story even further with their students. A great book any child will love!

About the author:

As a former second grade and elementary art teacher, Lauren Piland is a Louisiana native turned Texas homesteader who knows the importance of engaging read-alouds both in class and at home. After taking a step back from the classroom to raise her second child, she realized the gap some campuses face between the undersupported emotional struggles of students and the overwhelming responsibilities of teachers. “When we can use tools such as books and relatable characters to open up those more meaningful conversations, both at home and in the classroom, it aids in that process of peeling back layers of getting to know each other better and building trust,” says Piland. “Children need to feel seen, feel heard, and feel protected. And we do that by tapping into our emotions.”

Piland also wanted to further support teachers by including ready-to-use, curriculum-based exercises to go along with each book that focus on learning objectives such as reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary building and word mechanics exercises, writing prompts, whole group projects and STEM exercises with differentiated versions for students in Pre-K all the way to fourth grade.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, and the opportunity to dive deeper with the interview - it was a pleasure! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask away! Thanks again!

  2. The theme of positive thinking is so so so important.


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