No Safe Place by Robin Mahle

I’m on tour today with Zooloo’s Book Tours for Robin Mahle’s debut book with Inkubator Books.

About the Book:

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

Detective Rebecca Ellis has some big shoes to fill. Her father was the legendary detective, Hank Ellis, now retired from the Bangor Police Department. Emerging from his shadow hasn’t been easy.

So when she’s assigned to work with new hire, Detective Euan McCallister, Ellis is determined to keep their investigation right on track.

The explosive fire in a church parking lot looks straightforward at first. Claire Allen, a volunteer at the church, burned to death in her car. But then Ellis discovers the seatbelt had been rigged, trapping Claire in the inferno. This was no accident. It was murder.

Why was Claire at the church that night? Who would want her dead? In the race to find the truth, Ellis unearths a horrifying secret that takes the investigation into very dangerous territory.

Soon, Ellis will learn that in the search for this particular killer, there is no safe place.


Detective Ellis knows something is not right when she is called to a car on fire in a church parking lot. The fire is no accident and along with her new partner, Ellis must solve this case. This book is a great police procedural story. I enjoyed the characters and all the surprises in this story. I would definitely read more books by this author and more books about Detective Ellis. I’m interested to see where her story goes. 

About the Author:

Robin Mahle has published more than 30 crime fiction novels, many, of which, topped the Amazon charts in the US, Canada, and the UK. Also a screenwriter, she has adapted some of her works into teleplays, which have gone on to place in film festivals nationwide. 

From detectives to federal agents, and from killers to corruption, her page-turning tales grab hold and refuse to let go. Throw in tense action and thrilling twists, and it becomes clear why her readers come back for more. 

Robin lives in Coastal Virginia with her husband and two children.

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