You're Not Alone by G.M Lawrence

Happy Tuesday! Please join me along with Zooloo's Book Tours for You're Not Alone. This psychological thriller is a great read!

About the Book:

He only has eyes for her…

Chloe needs to get her life back on track after the collapse of her marriage. So when she meets handsome, charismatic Danny on a night out, she is open to seeing what develops.

It should be normal, exciting, boy-meets-girl but something about Danny is…off. He’s a little too interested, a little too intense. Soshe doesn't give him her number. End of story.

But Danny isn't going anywhere. He pursues Chloe with a determination that frightens her, ignoring her warnings to leave her alone. He invades every corner of her world, makes every effort to get between her and Tom, a friend who could be more.

Chloe finds herself in the fight of her life as she realizes that Danny is deadly serious about his  promise that they will be together – at any cost.

And with Tom and Chloe growing closer, her fear for her new man only escalates as she struggles to answer one terrifying question – how far will Danny go to get what he wants.


Chloe is doing great at work and trying to get over the fact that her husband cheated on her. She meets Danny in a night out and it quickly becomes evident that Danny sees a future where Chloe does not.

This book is one I could not figure out the twist. I thought I had it but I was wrong! A great psychological thriller.


About the Author:

G. M. Lawrence writes psychological suspense novels that have sizzling suspense, plenty of heart and a thrilling twist or two. She decided to start writing as a hobby in 2015 and after a few half-hearted attempts at a novel, she decided to commit to it. Now, with a creative writing course under her belt, she loves nothing more than to open her laptop and let the words flow. She lives in Hampshire in the UK with her husband, daughter, and two cats who love to bring as much chaos into their lives as possible.



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