The Museum of Lost Teeth by Elyssa Friedland

The Children’s Book Review and I are on tour with Elyssa Friedland’s book, The Museum of Lost Teeth. It published in the US on February 7th so it is available now!


Find out where the tooth fairy takes all those lost teeth in this laugh-out-loud new picture book, perfect for fans of School’s First Day of School.

Toothy lives in Liam’s mouth next to his best friend Fang. He’s a good tooth—sparkly and strong, and he loves doing the floss.

One day, Toothy notices that he is loose and panics! Where will he go after he leaves his comfy spot next to Fang? After a crunchy apple seals the deal, Toothy is tucked under Liam’s pillow. When the Tooth Fairy appears, she takes Toothy to the Museum of Lost Teeth. It’s a more incredible place than Toothy could have ever imagined. It’s filled with new friends and fun activities like Tooth or Dare! Toothy finds a new home on the Firsts Floor, where first baby teeth are proudly displayed.

In the tradition of School’s First Day of School, The Museum of Lost Teeth answers the question “Where do all the lost teeth go?” in this unexpected and hilarious picture book.


When I pulled this book out of the mail, the textured cover was the first thing I noticed. This is a book ideal for children just starting school, which is about the same time they will start losing their baby teeth. The book is wide, perfect for reading across two laps as you read with your little one. The pictures are beautiful and add a lot to the story. You and your little one should spend time on each page exploring the pictures and taking in the details.

The story is funny and could help a child nervous about losing their teeth feel better about where they get to go. The writing flows and will keep your little ones attention. My favorite part of the book was the beginning when Toothy was afraid to come out. As much as Toothy tried to stay in Liam’s mouth, everything was out to get him! I loved this book and you and your little one will also!


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Elyssa Friedland is the bestselling author of four adult novels published by William Morrow and Berkley. She has written for the Washington Post, McSweeney’s, POPSUGAR,, and Bustle, among others. She lives in New York City with her husband and three young children. The Museum of Lost Teeth is her first picture book.

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