Firedawn by Angela Wren

I'm on tour today with Love Book Tours with a paranormal fantasy romance. The tour is running from February 20th - 28th so be sure to check out the other host stops.

About the Book:

A faceless evil moves in the shadows of Caelith…

Just when they’re reunited, Poppy and Thom are ripped apart, prevented from joining the firekind in the fight against the nephyl. Captive in her father’s house and battling for her life, Poppy comes face to face with the dangers of living in Caelith and a treacherous new elemental. Mysteriously, the firekind have disappeared, and she fears the worst.  

Unsure if Poppy is alive, Thom must journey perilous roads to Symsara, seeking help from his estranged sister. Katla might stab him in the back, but she’s the key to navigating the sordid underworld hiding the information he needs.

Above all, a threat beyond imagining, fueled by the wiles of the nephyl, is poised to destroy Caelith and with it elementalkind. Against staggering odds, Thom and Poppy must join with dubious and unusual allies, pushing the boundaries of the possible to rescue their homeland before it’s corrupted beyond saving. 


The Caelithian sunrise gilded Thom’s eyelashes, and the sight was enough to keep Poppy warm, even though frost glittered on the moors below. Sometime between the firelit pall of night and the first gasp of sunrays, he’d fallen asleep, leaning against the granite overhang they’d sheltered under, his lips parted. The light spilled over his features.

Beyond the moors, sunbeams painted the mountains in ever changing splendor. But the magnificent beauty of Caelith didn’t hold a candle to his face. Thom was alive. Despite their brush with the shadowbeast and the devilhounds, almost perishing in teeth and fire, they’d survived, and they were together. The knowledge felt like sunlight in her bones, fueling her for the unknown before them.

She studied the horizon, where distant Caldys lay. Anytime now, Ryness, her Firekind ancestor, would come. He would lead them to the Firekind’s haven where Thom could heal from his wounds, she would train and hone her Firekind-aether abilities, and they would join the fight against the nephyl. Together, they would conquer this darkness, and she and Thom would have their happily-ever-after.

Poppy almost snorted. The Caelithian sun must bestow magical powers of optimism, or boldness. But she’d never before had the favor of an ancient elemental with powers that would make Mount Vesuvius blush. Her kinship with the Firekind was a game-changer. She’d always been the odd one out. But here, she belonged, imperfections, quirks, and all.


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