The Cradle by Ron Sami

Love Book Tours invited me on the blog tour for Ron Sami’s first book. The Cradle, and I was intrigued. The cover is gorgeous and I couldn’t pass it up. The Cradle is the first book in The Eagre series. The second book, On the Eve, came in June 2021, and the third book, The Journey, is expected to be released in less than a month on April 21st. All the covers are amazing so great job to the team that designed them. The Eagre series are set in a fantasy world with dark magic and new lands. I’ve been expanding my reading from my normal genres and am glad I stretched for this book.

What I loved most about this book was the character names. Sami is extremely creative with names such as The Gift, Little Paw, Loyon, just to show a few examples. At the end of the book there is a cast of characters, which is helpful if you need clarification while reading as there are a lot of characters. The next thing I loved was Sami created a whole new world with its own rules. You have to suspend your belief of what is ‘normal’ to be in this world. That is one of the great things about fantasy books is that the author can create their own world. I’m so happy to bring this book to you today so you have a chance to read the first two books in the series before the third is published. After reading this book I can tell it is a series that should be read in order.


About the Author:

Ron Sami is an avid reader of fantasy and sci fi. His inspiration comes from George R.R. Martin among other authors.


A huge thank to you to Love Book Tours and Ron Sami for letting me be a part of this blog tour. Please be sure to check out the other tour stops to hear more about this book.


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