Behind Her Smile by J.A Andrews

JA Andrew's fifth novel is Behind Her Smile. It is a story of a mother, Grace, who experienced a terrible car accident with her husband and two children three months ago. She has been grieving and decides that a two week vacation on a cruise is what she needs to get her life back to normal.


As the books starts it is obvious something is wrong with Grace. People who she is going on the cruise with do not know her all the time and there are many inconsistencies with cruise ship employees. What I loved about the book was trying to figure out what is real. At one point Grace calls home to her husband and he asks who is calling and demands she stops. This is not normal behavior for a husband that sent his wife on a vacation. Chantelle is the husband's assistant at work. Prior to the accident Grace's family spends the weekend at a cabin when Chantelle shows up. Grace is convinced her husband is cheating on her with Chantelle and her appearance reaffirms that. 

The main story is told over a weekend, the first weekend of Grace's cruise. Each chapter has a different timestamp so you can follow the progress. There are a few flashback chapters that help fill in details to the story. As I said from the very beginning you can tell something is not right but finding what is right is why you keep reading.

I really enjoyed reading this book and hard a hard time putting it down. I wanted to know what really happened in this family.

Author Info

JA Andrews writes gripping psychological thrillers. He is a member of the Crime Writers Association. When he is not writing he can be found watching reality TV or spending time with family and friends. He likes to read a variety of genres and lives in Devon in the UK. You can keep in touch with him on twitter at

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