The Secrets of Latimer House by Jules Wake

Good Morning! I'm very excited to bring you The Secrets of Latimer House, which publishes TODAY, August 30th. Hopefully you will see a lot about this book today as I am part of the blog tour hosted by Rachel's Random Resources. This WWII novel dives into the lives of three women brought to Latimer House to learn what German POW's know. They pass the information on to help the British war effort. While the story itself is fiction, Latimer House (located in the Buckinghamshire country side, about a hour away from London) did exist in WWII to interrogate German POW's.

The three women, Evelyn, Betty, and Judith have very different backgrounds and different jobs at Latimer House. They are not allowed to talk about what they do despite working at the same place. The women form a friendship and slowly begin to trust each other and help each other when each needs it the most.

While this is a story that happened in WWII, it is much more a story of friendships, love, and learning to accept yourself. Each woman has baggage from their past that they must overcome to become stronger. I love this type of story. I also loved the writing style. Its the style that you can picture what is going on. When you look up from the book, you are surprised you are not in England.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy stories of triumph with a background of WWII history.


Author Info

Jules Wake knew from a young age she wanted to be a writer. She also writes the Romantic Escape series under a pen name, Julie Caplin. In total she has written eighteen novels, including The Secrets of Latimer House.  You can keep in touch with her on Twitter @Juleswake, Facebook, or Instagram.


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