The Inheritance by JoAnn Ross

The Inheritance will be published next week on September 7th. I was lucky enough to be invited on the blog tour for this book and receive an ARC from the publisher HQN books. This is my first book by JoAnn Ross and it was one I was excited to read. The story is about three women who discover they are sisters when their father, Jackson Swann dies from lung cancer. Jackson left his daughters inheritance in his will but the stipulation is they have to come to his vineyard in Oregon for the reading of the will. Despite the reluctance, all three sisters agree to go to Oregon and meet for the first time.

The cover drew me into this book but to be honest, it took me quite a bit of the book to understand how the cover fit. The first half of the book is about the three sisters, their background, things they are dealing with in their lives, their relationship (or non relationship) with their father. Once the will is read and the sisters know what their inheritance is, the book changes to focus on the vineyard and its history. There were many times reading this book and seeing how much was left, that I thought a sequel would be perfect as I would love to read more about the sisters and the vineyard. 


Author Info
JoAnn Ross has published over 100 books! She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, which makes sense given the setting of the book. If you want to keep in touch with Ms. Ross, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and her website, 


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