Stolen by Tess Stimson

What a busy week! I think this is my third post already this week! So many great books to read, so little time. You would think I made a dent in my TBR pile but it just keeps growing. I wanted to share with you Stolen, which is Tess Stimson’s 11th novel. Tess is a new author to me discovered when Rachel’s Random Resources invited me to part of the blog tour for this amazing book. What caught my attention first was the cover. The story is set in Florida and the sky on the cover captures it perfectly!

Alex is a hardworking human rights attorney from the UK. She goes to a very close friends’ wedding in Florida with her three year old daughter, Lottie. At the wedding reception Lottie goes missing, setting off a search. It quickly escalates when the US President talks about Lottie during a news conference. While Alex is desperate to find Lottie, she also questions herself how this could happen?

I found this book very refreshing from a mother's POV. I am not a single mother but have children and know how exhausting they can be. I related to Alex immediately. The book opens with the flight from the UK to Florida and Lottie is a normal three year old with a 3 year old attitude. Lottie is not behaving well on the plane but Alex lets it go at first because she has to pick her battles and a long plane ride ahead of her. If you have kids, you can completely relate! There is also a lot of mothers guilt. They were at a wedding and Alex did not watch Lottie as close as she normally would. When Lottie goes missing, Alex blames herself. How did she not know her daughter was missing? Why was she not watching her closer? Again if you have kids, you can completely relate.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in domestic thrillers and the complexities of being a single mother. I really enjoyed this book and the way secrets were revealed throughout the story. A very good read!


Author Info

Tess Stimson is from Britain but moved to the US (Florida specifically) in 2002 to become a professor of creative writing at the University of South Florida. Currently Tess lives in Vermont with her husband, three kids, three fish, two cats, one gerbil and a large unknown number of bats in her attic. With all this to keep her busy, I'm not sure how she finds time to write, but I'm very glad she does!


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