From My Cold Dead Hands by Hilly Barmby

I’m so excited to kick off the tour for From My Cold Dead Hands by Hilly Barmby with Zooloo Book Tours. This tour will go from today through October 3rd. The best thing about being on book tours is getting to know new authors and introducing them to you, my readers. I hope you enjoy todays book!

Can a woman who has lost her memory piece together the truth about her family, her life, and a friend’s murder?

After waking up with amnesia in hospital, Cassie returns home to a life she doesn’t recognize. She gradually learns that dodgy associations from her old life have left her estranged from her husband and alienated from her children. Cassie no longer wants to be the person she was before—but breaking away from her past and from her wealthy family is not so simple.

Meanwhile, she still suffers confusion and experiences nightmares about an unknown man, while hearing from her friend Marcie that she had been having an affair. When the police dismiss her after she receives a frightening phone call, Cassie vows to uncover the truth.

But when a body is found, a series of revelations brings Cassie’s past into shocking clarity.


The first thing I noticed about this book was the chapter titles. Each one was interesting and unique. From the blurb, this seems like an amnesia story where Cassie has a past she does not want to return to. In fact, the story does focus on that but focuses much more on Cassie's discoveries of what her life was. She work 80's clothes and lived in the deep south with a prominent family who has deep beliefs in gun rights. Cassie discovers she is more left wing and does not fit in with her right wing parents. She also struggles with her relationship with her husband and children because of her right winged beliefs. I did not enjoy the political talk as much as I did Cassie's history and the strange memories that didn't fit. Overall it was a very good read and one you will want to read until the very end!

About the Author:

At the age of seventeen, having been told by her English Literature teacher to sit on her hands in lessons, as she spoke more eloquently with them than actual words, Hilly decided to prove her wrong.

It started with a bout of terrible poetry and finally culminated in the publication of her first novel, From My Cold Dead Hands. She is also a painter and ceramicist and has a lady shed in the middle of an organic fruit farm on a mountainside in southern Spain. She lives with her musician partner and two rescue dogs.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the tour and sharing your review to kick start the tour x

  2. This is from Hilly Barmby. Thanks so much for reviewing my book. It's great to hear other people's take on it. Really appreciated.


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