A Perfect Discovery by Margaret Amatt

A Perfect Discovery was published in August and I’m on tour with Rachel’s Random Resources to celebrate this book. If you are on Kindle Unlimited, it is free to read! I hope you enjoy this interview with Margaret Amatt about this book and her writing.

Q. This is book 9 out of a 10 book series. Should you read the books in order or are they standalone?

A. The books in the series can all be read as standalones. They all tie up the story and have no cliffhangers. The series has recurring characters and if you want to follow their stories in the correct order then it’s best to start at book one.

Q. Will you write more books in the series?

A. I have one further book planned for this series which is a Christmas book due out in October. After that, I’m saying goodbye to this series and moving on to a new one.

Q. Where do your ideas come from for your books?

A. I draw inspiration from so many things – places, people, photographs, other books, TV shows, stories in magazines and social media. Sometimes the tiniest thing can spark a big idea. The first story in this series I wrote (that actually became book four) was based on an idea I had when I travelled to the Scottish islands and got completely lost and had no idea how big some islands were! It got me thinking what fun it would be to land a character there and give her a real need to find someone. I made it even worse for her by sending her on public transport!

Q. What is the hardest and what is the best thing about writing a series?

A. The best thing is having a world readymade. Once I have the setup, it’s easy to live there. As the series move on, other characters already exist in the background and become a natural and familiar backdrop.

The hardest part is letting go! This was initially going to be a five book series but I kept having more ideas and it quickly became ten. Now, I’m almost finished this series and it feels sad to leave!

Q. What inspires you to be a writer? What did you do before you were a writer?

A. I still have a day job as a teacher. I have two days off each week when I write and I absolutely love it. I’ve written for many years in one form or another. I have hard drives full of drafts that will probably never see the light of day but I look on them as good practice. I won a short story writing competition in 2012 and my winning entry was performed to an audience which was a really exciting moment for me. Since then, I started to take the idea much more seriously. I still see writing as something I do for enjoyment and I want to keep it that way. If my stories bring other people enjoyment too then I’m extra happy about that.

Q. What are some books you are loving right now?

A. I like a wide variety of books and recently have enjoyed Kissing Games by Evie Alexander, Coming Home to Cariad Cove by Darcie Boleyn and Intuitive Editing by Tiffany Yates Martin (because I also love craft books!)

About the Author:

Margaret is a writer, mummy, wife and chocolate eater (in any order you care to choose). She lives in highland Perthshire in a little house close to the woods where she often sees red squirrels, deer and other such tremendously Scottish wildlife… Though not normally haggises or even men in kilts!

She has published nine books and written many more. Margaret won a short story writing competition in 2012 and her winning entry was performed live to an audience at Pitlochry Festival Theatre as part of their Winter Words Event. This spring boarded Margaret’s journey from writing for fun to novel writing – though she still enjoys every minute of it.

Margaret is also a keen amateur photographer, who enjoys drawing, reading, and talking about books.

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