The Lost Sister by Kathleen McGurl


As you are cleaning out your grandmother’s attic you find an old trunk. When you open it you find musty old clothes and belongings that have not seen the light of day in almost 100 years.

This is the intriguing opening to Kathleen McGurl’s book, The Lost Sister, available today. It is really a book with two stories, one in the present and one that begins in 1911. In the present, Harriet discovers her grandmother’s trunk and sets out to find out more about her family history. In 1911, Emma takes her trunk on board the steamship Olympic as a stewardess and begins an extraordinary and at times sad story.

I must admit I was first drawn into the book by the beautiful cover. When I was invited by Rachel’s Random Resources to participate in the blog tour for this book, I said yes immediately based on the cover. Once I got past the cover and into the book I was quickly drawn in. I found myself more interested in Emma’s story. I’m a fan of historical fiction so reading about the early 1900’s was right up my ally. The book switches from Emma’s story to Harriet’s story every other chapter. This may sound confusing but it was not in the slightest and helped fill in information for Emma’s story.

The thing I loved most about this book was all the small things that later turned into story changing events. I also loved how each chapter switched stories so you were never wondering about a story for very long. I would recommend this book to historical fiction lovers and people who enjoy a healing story.


Author Info

Kathleen McGurl lives in the UK and has self-published several books. She left her career in IT to become a full time writer in 2019. If you want to keep in touch with her you can find her at the below links.

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