In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn

On a snowy night everything changes for Finn. Her family and family’s friends get in an accident. Finn is killed and her family and friends must try to get help and survive the night. Finn stays as a spirit and watches everyone deal with the aftermath of the accident.

I loved this story. Almost everyone is hiding something from the accident and Finn’s perspective helped me to see everyone. The mystery was if everyone would find out the full story. I thought the story was beautifully written. My favorite character was Finn because even though she could not change the outcome she tried to help and comfort her family and friends as much as possible. The story also had a large element of who would you save if you were in the same situation? There were two families and they had several times where they had to chose to do something to help one of their family members or the other family. Many people would like to think they would help every equally but is that always the case? And all actions have consequences.

This amazing book will be published on 1March2020. It is a must read!



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