Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

Cilka’s Journey is a follow up to the Tattooist of Auschwitz, however I read it as a stand-alone book. Cilka was a prisoner at Auschwitz and after the camp was liberated, Cilka was found guilty of helping the enemy and sentenced to another camp, very close to the Arctic Circle. There she spent several years trying to forget what she had done at Auschwitz while at the same time do what she needed to do in order to survive. It was heartbreaking to know camps like this existed. I felt for Cilka because even as she struggled, she always put someone else before her. She always looked for ways to help others. The story was fiction but based in facts. One of my favorite sections was at the end of the book where the author tells the real life details of Cilka. I think it is very important to tell stories such as Cilka’s.

I loved this book. It tells Cilka’s story beautifully and focuses on the human element of these times.



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