Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Oh Becky. What trouble can you get into today? Becky Bloomwood, a former financial writer who LOVES to shop, is hosting Christmas this year. Never mind this will be Becky’s first Christmas hosting and everyone has different ideas on how to make the perfect Christmas celebration. Becky is determined to make everything perfect and everyone happy no matter what. On top of everything else, an ex-boyfriend appears. In typical Becky fashion she finds herself in hilarious situations and must find her way out of them.

I have loved the Shopaholic series and Becky for years! I was so thrilled to receive an advanced copy before it is released on October 15th. While the last two Shopaholic books have been a bit of a departure as they were set in the US, Becky returns to the UK in this book. She is up to her same sticky situations when more boxes show up on her doorstep than she remembers buying and she hunts endlessly for the perfect present for her husband, Luke. I absolutely love reading what Becky will get into and love her ability to try to make everyone happy, even when it does not turn out as expected. The last page of the book made me squeal with happiness and I can’t wait to read more about Becky! If you have not read the Shopaholic series, I highly recommend it! You will laugh and shake your head fondly at Becky’s adventures. They are very light hearted books that will transport you into a world of fun!!!!



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