Kate’s Soul Treasure by Kate Searle

Today is my stop on The Children’s Book Review tour for My Soul Treasure. This gorgeous cover captured my attention and I’m so happy to share this book with you along with my exclusive interview with the author, Kate Searle. Scroll to the bottom for a chance to enter an amazing giveaway!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to share my opinion, but this isn’t a sponsored post.

About the Book:

My Soul Treasure is a beautifully illustrated children’s book designed to teach children how to connect with their inner selves and cultivate self-awareness and self-love. It follows the story of a young girl who goes on a journey beyond her mind, body, and heart to discover her own inner treasures. The story includes positive affirmations and visualization exercises to help children develop mindfulness and self-reflection skills.


Interview with the author:

Where did the idea for My Soul Treasure come from?

The idea for My Soul Treasure came about whilst I was immersed in the creative process of writing my middle grade novel Find Your Treasure. Whilst working on the draft of Find Your Treasure with my editor, I felt inspired to capture the essence of the story and bring it to life in the form of a vibrant and visually stunning picture book that younger readers could enjoy. I imagined big bright, engaging pages filled with colourful illustrations for each of the chakra and rainbow inspired soul gems. And so, My Soul Treasure was born!


What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Above all, I hope they are inspired and empowered by the story’s message. My greatest wish is that readers discover they have a treasure-chest of inner strengths within their own souls. I hope they remember this as they journey through life, especially during challenging moments when they feel upset, angry, hurt or alone. In these moments, I hope they remember their soul treasure and embrace the affirmations, visualization exercises and techniques shared in the book. For example, if they ever feel scared or in need of comfort, I hope they remember their ruby cosiness soul gems. They could say the affirmation ‘I am safe and sound’ and visualise their rubies glowing and surrounding them in a protective rosy light. I encourage them to then take practical steps to help cultivate that warm, snug and secure feeling within them, like wrapping up in a cosy blanket or having a hot chocolate or building a blanket fort! Ultimately, I hope My Soul Treasure inspires readers to recognize their own power to nurture and cultivate their soul gems, allowing their souls light to shine brightly in the world!


How did you become a writer?

Well it all started during the challenging covid lockdowns. It was during this time that I felt a deep inspiration, a calling to convey a message to my own children and to children worldwide. I wanted them to recognize and embrace the fact that within their souls lies a treasure chest overflowing with inner strengths, that they can draw upon to help guide and support them every day. This came as a big burst of inspiration within me and the story kept swirling and dancing around my mind until I couldn’t resist the urge to start writing! So you could say I almost stumbled into becoming a writer, guided by a powerful force beyond myself and by having the courage to listen to the guidance of my own soul.


Why did you want to write books for children?

I believe that storytime is a truly enchanting experience for children! It’s through stories that children begin to learn and make sense of themselves and the world around them. I wanted to create books that specifically introduced children to their souls, that magnificent, powerful and essential part of who we are! However, explaining the concept of our souls to children can be quite hard. Firstly, because it’s invisible. And secondly because it’s often enshrouded in religious beliefs. So I set out to create books that introduce children to their souls in a simple, enjoyable and accessible way that they can grasp and engage with. I knew that including captivating and delightful illustrations was vital in making My Soul Treasure an enjoyable book for young children to read. Alison Mutton’s remarkable work creating the colourful chakra and rainbow inspired illustrations that are filled within gemstones and jewels truly brought the magic to life!


Do you have any book recommendations for everyone that loves this book?

Yes I recommend the beautiful story Aria Finds Her Voice by Sarah Palmer and the wonderful The Things I Love series by Trace Moroney.


What do you love to do when you are not writing?

I love spending time with my husband and children playing, doing arts and crafts, gardening, going to the beach, walking through the forest, cooking, reading and meditating.


Do you have any pets?

We have a beautiful cat named Dylan and lots of visitors to our garden like cockatoos, wrens, parrots and a couple of blue-tongued lizards!


What are you working on now?

I am very excited about getting ready to launch two new products I have created:

 - Find Your Soul Treasure Activity Workbook – which is an interactive workbook that brings the story of My Soul Treasure to life. It has a section for each soul gem and includes hundreds of fun activities and ideas of ways children can connect with their soul treasure. Parents, educators and therapists can use the Workbook to help children to heal and to empower them.

 - Find Your Treasure Game - which is a treasure hunt game that includes clue cards and real gemstones. The game inspires children to find their own soul treasure!

 -  I am also dreaming up the sequel to my middle grade novel!!



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About the Author:

Kate Searle is a geologist, wife, and mum who lives in the southwest of Australia. Becoming a mother sparked Kate’s love of storytelling. She has an innate passion for instilling in children a sense of personal empowerment. She has woven her love of gemstones into her debut book, My Soul Treasure, to teach children about the incredible powers of their own souls.


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About the Illustrator:

Alison Mutton is an illustrator from Perth, Western Australia, mainly working in the children’s and educational publishing fields. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Design & Illustration from Curtin University and has been a freelance illustrator for over ten years. When not illustrating, she likes to play the piano, needle felt, walk her dog, and swing dance.


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