The Family Trap by Lorna Dounaeva

Happy Monday! Today, along with Zooloo’s Book Tour’s I have new psychological thriller for you. If you loved Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train or similar books, you will love this book!

About the Book:

Prudence welcomed Zoe into her home. Now she’s fighting to survive.

Two simple words shatter Prudence Ahern’s world - “I’m pregnant.”

Her son Nathan is only eighteen when his new girlfriend Zoe drops that little bombshell. Prudence feels she has to support her son and asks Zoe to move in with them.

Right from the start, Prudence knows something isn’t right. When Nathan is around, Zoe is sweet and funny but as soon as it’s just the two of them, she becomes menacing and sullen.

Worse still, Prudence becomes the victim of a series of increasingly dangerous accidents which begin soon after Zoe moves in.

She tries to warn her son that something is wrong with Zoe, but he refuses to listen, so it’s left to Prudence to figure out what's going on. Who is the mysterious Zoe? What exactly does she want from them? And whose child is she really carrying?


The Family Trap can have so many meanings. It is a perfect title for this story. Prudence has just retired when she finds out her son’s girlfriend is pregnant. While it is not news she expected to hear, she welcomes them into her home. When strange things start to happen, Prudence starts to worry.

I was intrigued by this book from the prologue. It is a book that kept me guessing who was good and who was evil. I enjoyed the story and its many twists. It was a quick, very good read!

About the Author:

Lorna Dounaeva has a Masters in European Studies and used to work at the Home Office before turning to crime fiction. She lives in Godalming, Surrey with her husband, three children and a crafty cat.

The Family Trap is her third psychological thriller with Inkubator Books.

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